About Me

fav-269I am mother to 4 wonderful adult children, 11 grandchildren, and the great grandkids are beginning to come along.  Plus…. I have other wonderful “children” …. with whom I was able to skip the “messy stuff.”

Mostly, I answer to Mom, or Grandma.  But I do have one caveat.  No one can call me Mom or Grandma unless they are potty trained – except for great grandkids.  I am way past that… with no desire to go back!

Often, I answer to Sis.  I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers – all younger than I.  That’s right, I’m the oldest of 12, and no one has offered to take that position from me.  When I was growing up, I thought I had enough siblings to last a lifetime, but God has given me lots of sisters and brothers “in the Lord” to spend time with… and to help keep me in line.  Mom and Dad have graduated to heaven where they can bask in the Lord’s love and finally get some rest!  

I no longer answer to Honey or Sweetheart.  My honey graduated to heaven almost 11 years ago, after putting up with me for 44 years.  He deserves some rest, too, but I still miss him.

Although I became a follower of Jesus over 50 years ago, some days I still feel like I’m in kindergarten… or trying not to fall out of my highchair.  Some days I feel like I am running … on other days I’m barely crawling.  But I do have a loving, patient, encouraging Heavenly Father.  And so do you!