Who are you?  I mean really.  When getting to know someone new, I would first tell people that I’m the oldest of 12 children.  Sometimes I’d identify as someone who worked in IT… with computers.  Or that I’m a widow.

I asked a lady at work, one time, who she is first and foremost – a woman, a follower of Jesus Christ, a manager, a black woman, her husband’s wife… who is she first.  She answered “a black woman.”  And that is so understandable, especially understanding the prejudice she’d dealt with.  She’d grown up in the south during segregation BIG TIME and even had cousins lynched!

Me being the oldest of 12 kids says a lot about me… how I grew up, the responsibilities and expectations on me, and so on.  But that is not ALL of me.

The most important identity I can hold on to is that I am a child of the Most High God, because of what Jesus did for me on the cross.

Does this make me any better than anyone else?  Nope.  Not at all.  But it does help me to know certain truths that I stand on.

  • I am not an accident or a mistake. My Heavenly Father loved me and chose me from before the world was even created.
  • Nothing can ever separate me from His Love. Not what I do. Not what happens to me.  I can choose to walk away, but even that won’t stop Him from loving me.
  • He was in my past, is in my present, and is already in my future – preparing the way I should go.
  • His Love is unconditional, and will never end.
  • Add to all these that He is Good … and a Good Father…

Holding onto these truths, everything else can fall into place and start to make sense.

Our Father doesn’t love us to pieces…

He loves us to wholeness!


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