One Year Bible

Several years ago, my pastor at the time urged the congregation to read through the Bible each year.  He had been doing that very thing for many years, had taught his children to do it,  and saw great benefit in it for himself and them.  We have all been told how important it is to read the Word, but where to read and what to read can sometimes be overwhelming.

He used the One Year Bible method, which has a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs every day.  There are other methods to read through the Bible in a year.  I’ve tried a couple of them, but they either  read through from start to finish, or just read certain selections.  This means that in some of the “heavier” sections, it is easier to get bogged down and quit… or that I don’t get the whole story.  I don’t want someone else picking out what they think is important, and leaving other parts on the table, so to speak.  I wanted the complete Bible in easy-to-digest portions.  And I have my choice of several translations!

The way the One Year Bible is laid out has made it much easier for me to keep going, and it helps me stay on track.  When I miss a day or two, or get really involved in a specific story, I can continue reading forward for a day or two… or catch up.

When my pastor urged us all to read through the OYB, he suggested getting together with a friend or two and share what had impressed us that week from our reading.  I started sending emails with my thoughts, and was pleasantly amazed at the different insights that God was giving me.  Sometimes the different sections seemed to fit together.  Sometimes, in parts of the Old Testament, I’d be surprised how it fit into the New Testament, or vice versa.

I say all this to introduce my OYB Commentary.  Hopefully my thoughts will get you thinking and cause you to meditate, to chew on God’s Word with me.