As I’ve been starting to get ready for Christmas, buying gifts, putting up decorations… and so much more… I’ve been thinking about the whole Christmas story.  Jesus came as a cute baby … I’m sure He was cuter than most … but there is so much more to this story, and maybe I’ll do another article on that.  But I’ve been thinking about where He came from… and all He left behind.

If I leave the cold winter weather and head south to the beach and sunshine, I’m really getting away from the cold.

If I leave work to take a vacation … to the beach, or the mountains, or even a stay-cation, I’m getting away from work.

If I leave a stressful situation to find peace and quiet, I am still getting away from something unpleasant.

But Jesus didn’t leave heaven and His Father to get away from anything!  There was nothing unpleasant.  He dwelt in perfect peace … and love … and fellowship with Father God and Holy Spirit. 

I can’t imagine being on beach, relaxing in the sunshine with a gentle breeze blowing, and wanting to leave to go back home to the cold winter, a stressful job and turmoil.  Well, maybe I can imagine having to do that… but definitely not wanting to!

But Jesus did!  He chose to come down here, be born in a stable, and deal with all the problems and pains that plague the rest of humanity.  He knew Who He was … Co-Creator of everything … and He wasn’t even “born with a silver spoon in His mouth!”  He was born to normal everyday people who had to work hard … and who were not part of the ruling class.  Here He was, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, subject to Rome … and the religious “leaders” of the day.

I can’t help but ask “Why?  Why would He do this?”  

Think of a very rich person today…  Warren Buffett… Bill Gates … Donald Trump.  Can you imagine them giving up everything … wealth, power, status, comfort … to go clean out garbage?  Nope, I can’t either.  But that is just an idea of what Jesus left … for you … and for me … for the rich and the poor … for those who try to live good lives … and those who don’t … for those who have influence … and those who are unknown.  For all of us.


Because He wants to introduce us to His Father!  We cannot ever find our way up to God … so He came down to us. 

Not only did He come here, but He came to die.

If we think about it, we all know we will die eventually.  We have no choice.  But He had a choice.  Not only did He choose to die, but He chose to die a horrible painful death.  He chose to bear all of the wrath and punishment due to us for our sinfulness.  He chose … for us.

So, when you look at all the pictures of Baby Jesus lying peacefully in the manger, remember …

He left the all the glory of heaven … to live in this fallen, imperfect world … with self-centered, stubborn, people … to suffer and to die … for you … and me.

Thank You, Jesus, for leaving heaven,
And becoming just like us,
So we can be cleansed and become more like You.
Thank You for deciding
That we are worth everything You gave up.
Thank You for making the way for us
To get to know Father God.
And Jesus …
Happy Birthday!

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