Years ago, as a young mom with a couple of young babies, I was really floundering.  I had some ideas about what I didn’t want to do, but really didn’t know what TO DO.  I had dreams for my family… I kind of knew where I wanted to go, but I really had no idea how to get there.  Can you relate?  It was like trying to build my house on shifting sand.  It didn’t take much of a storm to make the whole thing really shaky.

Then I met Jesus, and some of His friends… with small kids.  But what helped most of all is that I also met several “older” women who could really give me some perspective.  Soon I had four babies 5 years old and under… and I was drowning!  These older women never condemned, but they encouraged me… as a mom and as a new believer.  We prayed together.  We talked.  We laughed and we cried.  And we all learned and grew in our faith.

I really don’t know if I would have survived without them. 

When I looked at other women, so often I saw them as “having it all together” … unless maybe their child was throwing a tantrum.  Then I thought they must be doing something wrong!  Children were never to act that way!  And since mine sometimes threw tantrums… and me too sometimes… I was definitely doing a lot wrong, too.  I watched other people, looked at their homes … and their marriages … and their lives … and I never measured up.  I’d come away with a new resolve to “do it all better.”  It was exhausting and I felt so defeated.

What I’ve learned is that we are all on a journey.  No one has arrived… except Jesus!  I am now older than my “older women friends” from years ago.  And I definitely haven’t arrived yet!  I have learned some things along the way – and I’m still learning.  But Jesus has been … and always will be … faithful.  He put me in the right place … at the right time …  with the right people.  Sometimes I learn what to do … sometimes I learn what NOT to do, but He has graciously put people in my life to help … and encourage … and guide. 

I still have friends like that… some older … some younger.  And we are never too old to need them.

My hope and prayer is that we can be friends that laugh, cry, and grow closer to Jesus together.


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