Psalm 48

  Within your temple, O God,
we meditate on your unfailing love.
10 Like your name, O God,

    your praise reaches to the ends of the earth;
    your right hand is filled with righteousness.

Is your prayer time more like a shopping list?  I like lists to help me remember stuff, but sometimes when I use lists to pray, I feel like I’m going to God with a shopping list.  Do you ever feel that way?

What is the solution?

I believe it is spending time meditating on God’s goodness and unfailing love.  Meditate means to chew on, ponder, reflect, digest.

Are you not sure how to do that? Let me ask you a question.  Do you ever worry?  Worry is meditating on the problem … on the fear … on the negative.

Instead, consciously think on God’s Faithfulness … His promises … His greatness … His love.

I remember one time years ago.  I was driving for business and really upset about all the daily problems… with kids, money, you name it.  Suddenly, as I was driving over a bridge that crossed a valley, the sky was SO HUGE!  And my problems seemed so small in comparison.

Well, in comparison to our BIG GOD, our problems and troubles are small.  And not only that, but our BIG GOD really loves us.

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