Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. (Ephesians 6:13)

When I first heard about spiritual warfare, binding the devil, and so on, it terrified me.  I wanted nothing to do with that.  I knew there was a devil, but I believed that as long as I “laid low,” I’d be safe and avoid getting involved in any battle.  I’d avoid being a target.  I wanted to love God and know He loved me.  That’s all. End of story.

But, since God is a loving Father, He knew I was living a fairytale. He knew I needed to leave Never-Never Land and grow up.  He knew that the enemy is real, the war is real, and it is absolutely necessary for me to recognize I have an enemy who wants to take me – and everyone else – down.

I read Ephesians and learned about the armor of God.  Great!  If I’m in a battle, I need armor!  So, I would put on my armor – because I was terrified not to!  I “pleaded the Blood” over me, my husband, my kids, my checkbook, my house, my appliances, my dog – everyone and everything I could think of – completely terrified I’d miss someone or something.

I don’t believe that God wants His children controlled or tormented by fear – even fear of our enemy who wants to fight against us any chance he gets.  I stopped trying to put on the armor daily – or worrying about it. Besides, it was paralyzing me.  Eventually, I relaxed a bit and focused on other spiritual topics.  I wanted to learn and grow closer to Papa God.  I didn’t put on the armor every day and seemed to be ok.

Even as I learned about the different pieces of armor, what they actually are and how to wear them, I still didn’t understand the need to put on the armor every day.  I had put it on and hadn’t taken it off.  Wasn’t that sufficient? (Of course, I would not have recognized spiritual attack if the enemy were carrying a neon sign!  Still very spiritually naïve.)

Recently, Holy Spirit has given me a fresh approach to putting on the armor.  There is a purpose in every single piece that He has given us.

Imagine a four-star general.  He is in Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt, playing golf.  He is still a general.

Another time he is wearing pajamas, sleeping.  He is still a general.

Or he could be in swim trunks on the beach.  No matter the situation, no matter what he is wearing, he is always a four-star general.

However, when he gets up in the morning and puts on his uniform – pants, shirt, shoes, hat and medals and ribbons – he IS a four-star general, but now easily recognized as a ranking authority, commanding respect and honor – ready for duty.

So now, when I put on the armor that has been given to me by the King of Kings, I finish it off with, “Grandma reporting for duty.”

I am ready and willing
for the enemy to see me as a threat to his evil plans.
I am ready to stand
on the promises and authority that Jesus has given me.
I am no longer paralyzed with fear;
Jesus has defeated our enemy.
I am ready to represent the Lord
wherever He sends me.
My uniform tells the enemy
I’m on duty.
I fight under the flag of the King of the Universe.
The devil and all his minions should know
Who’s side I’m on and
Who fights for me and with me.









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