Lately, I’ve been reading over Psalm 91.  I’ve always thought I didn’t have much of an issue with fear.  I am rarely “shaken”, nor too paralyzed to act or make decisions.  (I’ll fall apart later.)

However, I’ve been wrong.  I have walked in fear since I was a young child.  My fear shows itself in always needing to be prepared, trusting myself to take care of me and figure things out.

So, basically, my trust has been in me for everyday things, not God.  No wonder I’ve felt Father God telling me to “trust Him” for years.  I thought I was.  Well, maybe a little.   So, that’s why I’ve been reading and re-reading Psalm 91.

Verse 1 reads:

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

The first thing I noticed in this verse is that it mentions two of my favorite Names of God.  “God Most High” is El Elyon, and “God Almighty” is El Shaddai.  It is very comforting to me that nothing and no one is higher than or more powerful than my God!

The two words “abide” and “dwell” speak to me of choice and home.  It is not automatic to abide or dwell somewhere.  We must make the Almighty our home.  We cannot flit in and out, sometimes abiding in Him and sometimes making something or someone else our home base.

The word that I have really pondered and chewed on is “shadow.”  Why does it say we dwell in His Shadow, not His fortress or loving arms?  So, here are my thoughts.

What is a shadow?  It is the “darkness” caused by something blocking a larger light.  If a smaller item is blocking the larger light, like a building blocking the sun, we would say it is the shadow of the building – the smaller object – not the shadow of the sun.  Yet, Psalm 91 speaks of the “shadow of the Almighty.”

In the movies, people hide in shadows.  Maybe they don’t want what they are doing to be seen.  Maybe they are running and hiding from someone.  The darkness gives them a sort of safety, a cover.  I like the idea of the Lord’s Shadow hiding us from the enemy.  Yes!

But, other than that, I have a problem with the concept of God’s shadow.

First of all, what light could possibly be bigger than God, to cause His shadow?  He is “Most High” and “Almighty.”  Nothing, nor no one, is bigger.  Ever!

Secondly, how can a light cast a shadow?  The flame – the light- casts no shadow. There is no darkness in God!

I John 1:5 tells us:

God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

In the picture of a match casting a shadow, the flame doesn’t cast a shadow.  It lights up the darkness, so, the match has a shadow, but no shadow of the flame.

But the Bible says we are under the shadow of the Almighty.  I see this as a picture of being under His protection, “overshadowed” – although by a shadow of His Light – by His watchful eyes, by His love, by His care for us – and hidden from our enemies.

What a warm, safe, secure place we can call home.




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  1. Hey sunshine this reminds me of bible study and I almost feel like I am at home with you!!! Love you

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