tea-party-aloneThis morning, as I was making my tea, this thought occurred to me…

How can I be so busy getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner that I don’t have time to tell God how thankful I am?!?  Not going to happen!

So … I am thankful for the usual things…

  • Not only a roof over my head, but a comfortable, weather-tight roof – with windows.  And I have room for others … to visit … to sometimes stay for a while.  I am indeed blessed.
  • Clothes.  I have more than one change of clothes … they are not falling apart (though they sometimes feel like they are shrinking.)  And I have enough clothes to stay warm in the COLD Georgia winters … and others for when it gets SO VERY HOT in the summer.  So many choices.  Thank you, Father.
  • And I have plenty of food.  Healthy food … fresh food … not-moldy food … food enough to share … food enough that I can CHOOSE what to eat … healthy or junk food.
  • I am thankful for my health.  I’m getting older … more mature.  I should never take this for granted … and I am reminded to take better care of myself.

But there are so many other things that fill me with gratitude.

  • My Loving Heavenly Father who was not willing to give up on me (or you.)
  • Jesus, Who left heaven to be one of us, and Who gave His Life for me (and you.)
  • Holy Spirit, Who lives with me every day … Who strengthens me … and empowers me … and comforts me … and who has to hear all my grumbling and complaining …
  • For my children … gifts from God … who turned out wonderfully in spite of all my mistakes.
  • For my grandchildren … all so different … all so full of potential … all so loved.
  • For good friends, who love me the way I am but who also encourage me to walk closer to Jesus.
  • And I am thankful that God says that I will bear fruit … even in old age … as I sink my roots deep into His living waters.

I am indeed richly blessed … full to overflowing with thanksgiving.

Holy, Gracious God,
please forgive me for my grumbling and complaining.
You have been … and are … so generous to me.  
Help me to keep my eyes focused on You. 
Help me to develop … and to walk in …
… every day … continually.
Thank you, Father, for all your blessings …
even the ones I don’t yet consider blessings.
Thank you that Your love for me never changes,
because You never change.
Knowing this fills me with such peace and security … in You. 
Thank You. 


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One thought on “Taking Time To Be Thankful

  1. I’m thankful to my Lord and Savior for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear His Word. For providing always for my family and for blessing me with friends that love and support me in every season. We are so blessed to know and love the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, how humbling to praise His holy name. I love you Lord!

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