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Has anyone ever accused you of making a mountain out of a molehill?  Your path is blocked by some insurmountable problem… at least it looks that way to you… and you are really freaking out.  You see no way around the issue.  This is an interesting saying, conjuring up several amusing pictures in my mind.  In the spirit of full disclosure – I have been accused of making mountains on several occasions.

One morning I felt Holy Spirit ask me the question, “How do you make a mountain out of a molehill?” Hmmmmm….

Well, one way would be to first, find the molehill… and second, pile LOTS of dirt on top of it.  That sounds like a lot of work!  When I make the proverbial mountain, it is much too easy for that to be the correct answer. 

Then an image flashed thru my mind.  First, I still have to find the molehill.  Then, I have to shrink down to grasshopper-size.  Voila!  The molehill is a mountain! 

I’m not the only one to have this problem.  When the Israelite nation sent 12 spies to check out their Promised Land, the spies found the land flowing with milk and honey… and inhabitants that were “giants!”  All the spies saw the same thing… but 10 of them shrunk down to grasshopper-size.  Only Joshua and Caleb could see past the “giants” to their really big God… Who, by the way, had more than proven Himself fully capable of taking care of the situation.  Remember the 10 plagues and their miraculous deliverance from Egypt through the Red Sea?  As great as those were, they were only the appetizer!  grasshpprgiant

Now I used to read that story quite smugly.  I mean, how could the Israelites have so quickly and easily forgotten all God had done to save them?  But, truth be told, how often have I done the same thing.  I have seen God provide over and over.  He has guided … and healed … and calmed my heart… and protected… and restored … and comforted more times than I can count.  And still my first reaction (too often) is to fear. 

So, how do I / we change that?  I think the solution is two-pronged.

First, we need to focus on God.  He is BIG…  He is GOOD … He loves us … He keeps His promises … He is almighty… all powerful.  He sees the big picture… and He sees us!  He’s not just watching “from up there somewhere.”  He is right here with us.  No problem is insurmountable for Him.  

Secondly, we need to focus on who we are IN CHRIST.  He has given us armor so we can battle.  (By the way, the armor doesn’t really do its job if it is stored neatly on a shelf… dusted occasionally.)  He has said we can tread on serpents and scorpions and not be hurt.  He has said that with faith the size of a mustard seed, we can tell mountains to go jump in the lake.   He has said that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:37) 

But how do we battle?  Sometimes I think it would be easier if we could “see” the enemy.  (But the enemy is pretty ugly and scary… so maybe not.) 

Here is what I am learning. 

Psalm 149:6-9 says

6   May the praise of God be in their mouths
and a double-edged sword in their hands,

7   to inflict vengeance on the nations
and punishment on the peoples,

8   to bind their kings with fetters,
and their nobles with shackles of iron,

9   to carry out the sentence written against them –
this is the glory of all his faithful people.

The praise of God and the sword of the Spirit – the Word of God – must be in our mouths… and coming out of our mouths.  What we say is important!

Praise binds… ties up… the kings and nobles coming against us… . The enemy!  It actually puts the enemy in shackles!  Does that mean that we praise God for all the junk?  No… we praise Him in the middle of the junk… in spite of the junk.  We have to get over the idea that all the bad stuff that happens in our lives is from God.  A lot happens that He doesn’t want… but He gave people a free will and he doesn’t give us a gift with one hand, only to take it back with the other … even when He doesn’t like what we are doing with it!  And don’t forget we have an enemy… who does NOT have our best interests at heart.  Praise God for WHO He is … Holy, Good, Faithful, etc.

And we must speak … declare … His promises … what He says He has done … what He has promised to do … what He says is true!  If we “meditate” on the problem… over and over again … from every possible angle … “ad nauseam” … we actually strengthen the problem!  We need to “meditate” on God’s promises … remember who He is and what He has done … and speak the solution. … the answer … the victory… according to His Word.  Did I mention that the Bible doesn’t help us either when it is sitting on the shelf next to the armor? 

Time for another disclaimer….      

Not that I have already obtained all this,

or have already arrived at my goal,

but I press on to take hold of that  

for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.    

— Philippians 3:12



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